The Challengers

juliJuli Maier works as a Project and Communication Assistant at the Melton Foundation and studies her Master in Sustainability and Quality Management at HWR Berlin. Her motivation for this challenge is to explore tangible options to reduce waste and see how those can be integrated in the everyday life without dramatic personal impairments.


Neli BlumNeli Blum is a Junior Fellow of the Melton Foundation. She is doing her Master in Social Work & Social Management. By taking the challenge of living without waste for one month she wants to improve strategies of a waste-free
life and spread ideas that can easily be implemented by everyone.


evaEva Junge
 will presumably finish her Bachelor of Science in psychology next year and subsequently do her Master in Environmental Psychology. Since studies have identified habit as an extremely powerful predictor of behavior (often better than behavior intention!), Eva tries to reflect and work on her habits. For this month, her dream is a great new set of waste-free habits that will stay with her when the challenge is long over! Hopefully together with a lot of fellow combatants, to collectively build a norm of a sustainable daily life style. Zero Waste for Life!


Nina Margies    works for Urban Transcripts and is a PhD candidate in Urban Sociology. Her motivation for this challenge was triggered by the enormous waste in plastic bags she has witnessed in several European countries in which she has lived and worked in the last few years.


marleenMarleen Haupt is a Senior Fellow of the Melton Foundation. She just started her masters in neuro-cognitive psychology in Munich. By participating in this project she wants to learn which challenges you have to overcome if you want to reduce your waste and which possibilities the new city she is living in is offering to support a life with less produced waste.

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