Free the vegetables!

Wrapped and packed they wait for us in the supermarket: Fresh vegetables! Little portions of usually four pieces of vegetables and fruits are ready to be taken home.

Why do they need to be wrapped and packed in plastic?

I couldn’t find the answer, but I do know that I do not longer want vegetables and fruits in plastic!  biokiste

The problem, although your supermarket presents them without package, they usually were wrapped and packed during transportation. My personal solution to not contribute to this hidden waste is: a LOCAL FARM BOX.

Now, once a week I receive a box full of fresh vegetables and fruits from the region, directly from the field to my kitchen. No more waste, fair prices for local farmers and delicious ingredients for me. Yummie!!


nojunkmailEveryday my letterbox is spamed by junk mails. Every single supermarket seems to have its own newspaper of its best offers. Every week it is the same, I open the letterbox take out a bunch of colorful printed paper and take it to the trash without even looking at it. The worst thing is that in this time of the year they even wrap it into transparent plastic bags. Enough is enough!

One little symbol and this madness comes to its end: “No junk mail and no circulars please”. And yes it works!