One week without plastic – a retrospect

Wednesday, 10am: I am at the supermarket and I have already spent 10 minutes at the rice aisle trying to find rice that is not packed in plastic.17 different packages or rice and it is still impossible. I am buying tender wheat instead.

Wednesday, 10.15am: At the bakery. “Of course I can pack you the bread in your in the textile bag. Do you want P1160627 (2)to produce less waste? A lot more people should think about that.”

Wednesday, 9pm: I have to admit that I would like to have some chocolate now. But it seems impossible to find some without plastic.

Thursday, 1pm: “You really don’t want to have a bag for the bread roll?” No. “Oh, but if you want to eat it now I can at least pack the other one.” Still no.

Thursday, 4pm: I found chocolate without any plastic! That definitely made my day. 😉

Friday, 6.30pm: Have you ever realized that on some tea bags the tiny papers with the name of the tea are fixed with a metallic clip and sometimes they are just clued to them? You cannot even figure that out if you haven’t opened the new box of tea yet.

Friday, 10pm: Message from Neli – “Do you want to come to my place tomorrow? We could bake plastic free Christmas cookies.”

Saturday, 4pm: The cookies are done and we are happy.DSCF4423

Saturday, 7.43pm: Oh no! I totally forgot that I am going to a party at a friend’s place later and wanted to bring some snacks. 17 more minutes left to go to the closest supermarket. No plastic free snacks. First waste.

Monday, 8.20pm: When we leave the pizza place we get two tiny packages of jelly bears. I was so surprised that I couldn’t say no. The next tiny plastic even if I won’t eat them for at least another two days.

Tuesday, 12.30pm: In front of the mensa a group of students is distributing chocolate Advent calendars. First thought: what a cute idea. Second thought: Why do the calendars which are full of plastic already have to be packed in another plastic bag for every single student who is walking by? I am waiting for a friend for around 5 minutes. 52 people get an advent calendar. What a huge amount of waste.

Wednesday: My week is over but it is not over. I am definitely more aware of the amounts of waste that we produce in our every day life and I will try to keep on minimizing especially the plastic that I use and waste.

Monday: A friend of mine reminds that I wanted to send her the link of our blog. So I hope that soon we will have one more follower.

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